A Tribute to Jonie

Jonie was the heart and soul of our Junior Woman's Club. She did a great job on our monthly newsletters. They were full of information and beautiful graphics. She was always thinking of unique ways to motivate us. Jonie was always generous. I have a recent memory about forgetting to bring a gift for the Christmas gift exchange but Jonie had brought an extra gift for me to use so I would not feel left out. Sharon D.



As a fairly new member of Colona Area Junior Women's Club, I quickly

recognized in Jonie the qualities of joy, enthusiasm, caring

and giving all contained in a body full of energy and creativity. Her gift of

organization was apparent form the first meeting I

attended and also from the communication I had with her previous to that. The

beautifully constructed , shock-full of information

newsletter added to that impression. She was an unusual combination of compassion

and blunt, straight-to-the-point dealings and got

more done than most anyone in my experience. I feel very privileged to have been

allowed even a short time in her friendship. Judy J.




The sunflower was one of Jonie's favorite flowers. The bright yellow flowers are a reminder of Jonie's smile.

The sunflower plants its roots firmly in the soil and so did Jonie plant her roots and heart into the GFWC Illinois organization.

The seeds of the sunflower mature over summer and in the waning months of the growing season and into the barren months of winter those seeds often nourish many birds and wildlife. The ideas and kindness of Jonie are like those seeds past summer and now tend to nurture her Club and its members in the days ahead.

The passion of the sunflower plant for the sun is expressed in turning its stems toward the sun during the day. And so, her Federation friends set their remembrances of Jonie on her passion and enthusiasm for GFWC and are inspired to go forth in her spirit of GFWC and pass it on to others. Peggy M.


I first met Jonie at a State Board meeting, and she was the very first club president to send me information to make her club’s website. (This website)  Then she promptly sent me the information to make her district’s website too. (15th)  But the most impressive thing I saw Jonie do, was to design the cover for the WHRC Chronicle.  (Woman’s History and Resource Center)  WHRC Illinois Chairman, Gretchen McDowell had a contest for Illinois clubs to design the cover of our book.  The Chronicle holds a time capsule of information about our Illinois clubs during the 2006-2008 club years.  The information covers club history and current information too.  The cover Jonie designed was very clever and expressed beautifully our purpose in Federation.  The picture of Jonie and the cover is still displayed on the GFWCIllinois.org website.

Karen Erb

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